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 Pajama // पजामा -- the Hindi word for pyjamas



  1. Loose-fitting clothes worn for sleeping or lounging

  2. A pair of loose trousers tied by a drawstring around the waist worn by men and women in various parts of South Asia

We are focused on making the perfect garments that you can weave into your lives with confidence and ease.

Ethically made from eco-friendly fabrics, Anuk Pajama’s line of khadi cotton loungewear is influenced by founder Anu Kumar’s heritage and her passion for ethical fashion. As a documentary photographer who often works in her homeland of India, Anu was inspired to celebrate the everyday in a line of meaningful and impactful clothing mixing her unique Melbourne and Desi style.

Our ‘Khadi Collection’ is made from 100% organic eco-friendly breathable fabrics and are created utilising artisanal skills such as hand weaving and Rajasthani block printing. Each garment is a standalone piece that can be mixed and matched with other pieces in the collection. Our collection fuses vibrant colours with relaxed cuts for a modern look with cues from tradition.

The Anuk woman is audacious, savvy, agile and knows what she wants to get done with her day -- whether it be running from meeting to catch up, or lounging around in the comfort of her own time. She doesn’t just sleep in her pyjamas -- she lives, works and play in them.